NGO partnership
Enda El Alto

Socio-professional integration for girls and teenage girls living in the streets

With 77% of its population under the age of 24, El Alto is the youngest city in Bolivia. On the outskirts of La Paz, El Alto also counts the highest number of minors living in the streets in difficult conditions, in particular girls who resort to prostitution to survive. In partnership with local stakeholders (hospitals, NGOs), Enda El Alto supports young girls by providing shelter, medical care and psychological guidance. Their socio-economic integration is also a crucial pillar of ongoing initiatives: the NGO ensures that the girls attend school, tries to help them restore ties with their families, and offers job prospects via two workshops, bakery-pastry and handicraft (weaving and postcards). Since 2011, the Kering Foundation also supports capacity building by mobilising its employees to volunteer and share their skills in solidarity leave.

Enda El Alto
Professional integration for girls
Start date:
September 2010
End date:
September 2011
Female street children and teenagers, from 6 to 21 years old.