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The Gret

The Gret, founded in 1976, is a non-profit association comprising social economy professionals. The Gret is active in 26 countries and supports initiatives of sustainable development in urban or rural areas, based on principles of social equity, economic development and environmental protection.

In 2005, the Gret initiated the "Zazou" (plastic bag) project intended to improve the living conditions of women in the suburban districts of Nouakchott and to create income generating activities by setting up a plastic recycling business. A GIE Economic Interest Group was created, consisting of 108 women's cooperatives and representing over one thousand women. The women collect and pre-process plastic waste which is then sold to a recycling centre that they also own. The recycling centre treats over 70 tonnes of plastic waste annually and resells it to local plastic industries.


  • Contribute to cleaning up the poorest districts in the Nouakchott suburbs by promoting plastic recycling activities and raising the awareness of the communities;
  • Improve the living standard of the poorest households by developing income generating activities;
  • Build the capacity of the plastic recycling business, and women in particular, and develop commercial outlets backed by all stakeholders (cooperatives, industries and craftsmen).
Urban waste management and creation of an income generating activity for women from the outskirts of Nouakchott.
Start date:
January 2011
End date:
December 2012
Women members of the cooperatives involved in the collect and the Economic Interest Group