Planète Urgence is a non-profit organisation founded in 2000. It supports populations via contributions of specific skills and funding granted to specific projects in over 20 countries. Based on the conviction that everyone has a skill useful to others, the organisation created the “Congé Solidaire®” engagement model enabling each citizen to donate two weeks of their paid leave time to pass on their skills to a project leader who expressed a matching need.

Partner support type: 

We communicate with volunteers in French and/or English. Initially, volunteers reply to questions on our website, and we then reply to their questions via e-mail or telephone, as they prefer. Two to three months prior to the mission, volunteers are invited to attend a training session involving face to face exchanges, held in our facilities in France or via videoconferencing. The volunteers can also have discussions via e-mail or Skype with the local partner association with whom they will carry out their mission.

Partner mission type: 

With Planète Urgence, Kering employees will support projects in favour of women, led by community associations or groups of women who support women’s empowerment via income generation activites. Volunteers may also engage with organisations that fight for women’s rights in their country.

Skills are needed in diversified areas: IT, Marketing, Accounting, Project Management, as well as Design and Creation.

Our philosophy: everyone has a skill useful to others.

Partner location: 

Planète Urgence proposes missions in over 20 countries. Missions available to Kering employees are primarily located in Asia (India, Nepal, Indonesia) and in Latin America (Peru).

Languages required: 

English, Spanish

Mission preparation: 

When registering on the Planète Urgence website, each volunteer must explain their motivation for joining a Congé Solidaire® solidarity mission and preselect 2 or 3 missions; they will then be contacted by our team. Volunteers must then send a motivation cover letter and a Curriculum Vitae explicitly related to the selected mission and drafted in the language of the destination country (English, Spanish). The application will then be forwarded to the local partner who will confirm the mission, provided that the profile matches the needs expressed, and the mission dates.

Once the mission has been approved, the volunteer will be asked to attend a training session on “preparation to departure”.

For French-speaking volunteers, the training session takes place over 2 days at the Planète Urgence headquarters in Paris. It provides the opportunity to meet and exchange with other volunteers.

For English-speaking volunteers who do not reside in France, remote training sessions are organised via videoconferences held in English over one day.

Each volunteer can then have direct contacts with the local partner via Skype if they wish so and if the partner has the facilities to do so.


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