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Sauvegarde de Seine Saint-Denis

Fight against domestic violence in Seine Saint-Denis

La Sauvegarde de Seine-Saint-Denis is a non-profit association founded in 1968 to carry out child protection initiatives. It operates in the Seine-St-Denis district (northern Paris suburbs) in the field of delinquency prevention, housing support, community mediation, and social and judicial measures, and is therefore involved in restorative justice. The NGO has been working in the field of domestic violence prevention since 2005.

The issue of domestic violence is particularly acute in the Seine-Saint-Denis district: statistics report 50 cases of marital violence for every 1,000 women and a 30% increase in just 4 years. The District authorities have developed numerous initiatives on victim protection. Participation in an empowerment and counselling help group is offered to perpetrators of domestic violence (presumed or convicted offenders) subject to court-ordered judicial control and monitoring. As an alternative to imprisonment, participation in the help group can take place before or after the court judgment. The NGO also intends to open up access to the help group to abusive life partners and fathers whose family is under surveillance by social services to prevent dangers against their children and as an alternative to child placement in foster homes.

Sauvegarde de Seine Saint Denis
Empowerment and counselling help group for perpetrators of domestic violence
Start date:
January 2011
End date:
December 2011
Women victims of domestic violence and children witnessing abuse