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United Kingdom
Tackling FGM Initiative

The Tackling FGM (Female Genital Mutilation) Initiative is the largest ever UK investments in grass-roots FGM prevention work, with a budget of £2.8 million over six years. The Initiative, in partnership with Trust for London, Esmee Fairbairn Foundation, Rosa Fund and Comic Relief, started in 2010.

It is estimated that 137,000 women live with FGM in the UK; it is the highest prevalence in Europe. Some other 60,000 girls, born to women who have experienced FGM, live in the UK and are potentially at risk. Newly arrived and less integrated communities are particularly vulnerable to FGM as they are not aware of the law and feel a strong need to preserve their traditions in their host country. The Tackling FGM Initiative aims to safeguard this girls and women at risk from FGM through community based preventive work:

  • A network of 12 community-based projects funded to deliver prevention work over a 6-year period
  • A programme of small grants consisting of 20 projects per year
  • An advisory group
  • Conferences and learning events
  • Research and M&E
  • A group of FGM survivors who campaign and deliver policy advice and advocacy work

The Kering Corporate Foundation joined the initiative in 2015 to support 2 main projects:

Dissemination of good practice

The Initiative will support the projects that have developed the best resources so they can mentor other organizations and help them adapt their tools to the needs of their users and local communities.

Support services for survivors of FGM

Mental health support for survivors of FGM is an essential part of this programme. With support of The Dahlia Project, counsellors from the Birmingham and Solihull Women’s Aid organization are being trained in order to provide therapy services to survivors of FGM. As well as enabling survivors to deal with the trauma and rebuild their lives. A grant will also be given to BSWA in order to develop this service.

Tackling FGMI in numbers:

  • 51 community based organizations are part of the TFGMI
  • 26,607 individuals reached through various FGM awareness and engagement activities delivered by the TFGMI since 2013
  • 19,423 women engaged through the TFGMI since 2013
  • 6,746 men have been involved in the TFGMI Phase 2
  • 8,640 young people speaking out against FGM through the TFGMI
  • 6,402 professionals trained on FGM by the TFGMI organizations


Place :
United Kingdom
Start date :
November 2015