NGO partnership
Beijing, China
Zhongze Center

Strengthening the judicial protection over Domestic Violence victims

The Zhongze Center was created in 1995 after the Beijing Conference to tackle issues like sexual harassment, education, rural women rights, migrant workers and children’s rights. The Center specializes in women’s legal aid, research and advocacy in China. They provide assistance and consultation for victims of violence through a hotline and by email and lead awareness and education campaigns in places like universities and prisons. The supported project is a pilot in Hubei Province that aims at providing practical experience for national legislation on anti-domestic violence.

It includes Pro Bono consultations, legal documentation & representing typical case, skills enhancement for professional judicial, women federation’s staff and community workers and facilitation of an internal assigned position & cross-department mechanism (police, procurature, court, justice bureau).

The Kering Foundation supports this project for three years.

Partner :
Beijing Zhongze Women’s Legal Counseling and Service Center
Place :
Beijing, China
Mission :
Protecting judicially victims of domestic violence
Start date :
January 2015
Beneficiaries :
Women victims of domestic violence in China